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Google Shopping

Google Shopping

With Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads (PLA) you get the advantage that your potential consumers can see a picture of your product and know its price even before they come into your shop.

A user estimates the price of your product before you pay for the click. Google Shopping ads are typically shown in the Google search results at the top or on the right side.

Google has recently launched a Shopping tab in the search results. By clicking on the tab, the user can view all similar products with prices from those shops who use Google Shopping advertising. In other words, when a user clicks on the shopping tab, and he or she wants to buy a product, the conversion gets higher.

Be visible in the emotionally charged micro-moment

Modern consumers are demanding, spoiled, impatient and well-informed about the products they want to buy. In a mobile-first world, they expect brands to deliver immediate service. For retailers, this means that they must be available to their shoppers anytime and anywhere.

Google Shopping offers scalable advertising that hits users broadly or specifically in the purchase moment. It appears in Google's search results, such as banner advertising and on YouTube.

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What is a Google Shopping ad

A shopping ad consists of a product image and a description, price and business name.

What can you advertise with Google Shopping

Google Shopping helps you to directly reach the consumers who are looking for the products you are selling. B2B is not a part of Google Shopping platform. Google requires that advertisers comply with all applicable laws and regulations included in terms of use and conditions, the encryption of personal data on the website as well as delivery to private addresses.

How does it work?

The Shopping campaign will be directed from AdWords, while the product information data will be controlled from Google Merchant Center. Our professional team helps you with all phases; from creating a product feed, setting up and configuring the Merchant Center account, up to running shopping campaigns -  we are here all the way!

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What is important about Google Shopping

It is important to meet the requirements for advertising on the Google Network and to follow Google Shopping policies. The product data you submit to Google is crucial. You should provide the most relevant and updated information. Google has developed the standards for product data quality to give users the best shopping experience.

We have listed some of them:

  • Use the same ID for the same product - across countries or languages
  • Accurately describe your product and match the title and description from your landing page
  • Don't link to an interstitial page unless legally required
  • Accurately submit the product's price and currency, and match the price from your landing page
  • Make sure that your landing page includes the price in the currency of the target country prominently and in a place that's straightforward to find
  • Ensure that the product can be purchased online at the submitted price
  • Submit up to ten promotion IDs for one product by including this attribute multiple times

How do you evaluate Google Shopping

As with AdWords campaigns, it is possible to use conversion tracking, so you can quickly react and correct your ads if the campaign does not give the desired profit.

We are proud to offer you both Google Shopping as a standalone product or as a part of AdWords Solution.

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