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Display advertising

DIsplay annoncering

With Google Display Network advertising you will reach out to target audiences and communicate your brand message on external websites. One of the advantages of advertising on Google Display is an opportunity for accurate and targeted segmentation.

Another significant advantage is that ads running on the external pages are often more cost effective than individual purchases on a single page. We can manage your online advertising and give you the full benefits of the ad budget!


KompetenceKanalen A/S is Google Partner Premier.

Display ads

Google Display Network offers many different types of banners, both in format and size. We typically work with banners in the following formats: HTML5, JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Many advertising media are using banners in various sizes and formats. We will guide you in choosing the most appropriate banner sizes based on your target audience and place of ad publishing.

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Targeting of the advertising on the Display Network is crucial. You can quickly waste a lot of money if you publish your ads “in the wrong place,” where your target audience simply doesn’t appear.

Google's Display Network offers many opportunities to tailor the targeting, both demographics, and geography. You also have the opportunity of matching the message content with the banner that will be published on other websites. We can create content particularly for specific domains as you wish. It is also possible to target your ad campaigns at in-market audiences, where visitors have a particular profile and behavior that matches your corporate customer segment.

We of course also offer traditional remarketing banner campaigns and dynamic remarketing campaigns. All campaign types can be combined as you wish. We are here to guide you about the most appropriate display advertising.

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Push marketing and branding

Display advertising is banner advertising with messages from companies that impact and pervade their target audience. This way users will more likely select your exact brand when they need to buy a product or a service that your company offers. For this reason, it might sometimes be difficult to see a direct parallel between a banner campaign and the subsequent sales, since it will not necessarily happen within a short time. Google has developed many useful tools to gain insight into your display campaign effects.

Among other handy things, and it is possible to examine view-through conversion tracking, which provides a measure of the number of online conversions that happened after a user saw your banner but didn’t click on it – though later completed your desired call-to-action in the form of purchase or another activity. It is also possible to glean insights into a brand lift effect, where the campaign runs across multiple channels and lasts longer. In this case, Google provides you with the metrics that show your brand awareness.

The prices for display advertising

What are the payment options: should you pay per click or view?  It depends on the message and your target audience. We will help you to find out what is the best for precisely your business: to pay per view or actual visits to your website. 

There are also new opportunities to pay per sale, which opens new potential for banner advertising with a discount, dynamic remarketing and products.



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