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Youtube annoncering

YouTube is a rapidly growing marketing channel with one billion monthly users.

YouTube advertising allows you to reach your customer segment with great precision. Unlike TV advertising, your ads appear only to your audience which we define together by demographic and personal interests. This way you pay only for relevant and targeted views. A video quickly and efficiently communicates your brand message using images and sound. This explains why YouTube has become the world's second-largest search engine after Google, regarding a number of daily visitors.

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People use YouTube primarily as an entertainment channel, but many also use the platform to research products/brands or to find solutions to everyday problems. For example instructions on how to tie a tie, makeup tips, reviews of products, games or travel recommendations. Today Youtube is a whole universe of films that are available on users’ demand.


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How do video ads work?

For advertising, you can use any video that's already uploaded to YouTube. The video runs an ad which the consumer can choose to skip after viewing for five seconds. This type of advertising is called TrueView, and it plays before most YouTube videos. Another option is non-skippable ads which can play in Google Preferred Premium content. These ads can be up to 15-20 seconds long, and users have to watch the ad in full before the selected video plays.

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TrueView Video Ads

TrueView video ads are the well-known video ads viewers can skip after five seconds. The only thing required to get started with TrueView is a YouTube video and an AdWords account! You would pay for the ad only if it played longer than 30 seconds (or in full, if the video is shorter than 30 sec).

Google Preferred

Google Preferred is a type of video advertising in which it is not possible to skip the ad. Google Preferred ads play mostly before or during premium content on YouTube. Google Preferred requires that you have a YouTube video, an AdWords account, and a substantial marketing budget. You are welcome to contact us if you are planning a YouTube campaign. We will find the most efficient solution for you!


What does it cost?

The payment solution for video announcement is the same as for AdWords, where you suggest a price per a view (CPV). The higher your bid is, the more times the video will win the bidding and be exposed to YouTube users. The price for a view can vary widely from video to video. The more popular a video or YouTube channel, the more expensive it becomes to run an ad on it.

When starting the campaign, we estimate an amount for your daily budget and set it up. This way we ensure that advertising budget is not wasted. Adjusting the budget from day to day is possible. For this reason, it is easy to evolve the ad campaign continuously if the marketing budget can afford it.

Who sees the ad?

The ads can be targeted for only the YouTube platform or for the websites with "embedded" YouTube video. There are many options to target your audience: by gender, age, and parent status. Video ads can also be targeted by groups of interest, featured videos, YouTube channels, videos that contain specific keywords or a particular information.

You can choose to use remarketing lists from YouTube or AdWords. Additionally, all advertising methods may be combined to achieve the best marketing goals. You can limit the campaign to geographical areas, specific days of the week, seasons and holidays. YouTube advertising provides you full control over your online promotions while maintaining a quality user experience.


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How can I measure the results?

Keeping the focus on the advertising goals is crucial. The benefit of advertising on YouTube is primarily branding. It is a platform where you can communicate your message to your desired audience who may not yet be familiar with your brand. The display frequency is imperative too. How many users have watched your video ad to the end? Another key figure is how many viewers you reached in your target audience. Besides, of course, the standard report about how many people clicked to the website and committed your call-to-action.

A few tips on YouTube Advertising

Focus on branding

Show your company name and brand message within the first five seconds, so YouTube users will see your name even if they skip the ad.

Make an eye-catching video

The higher your display frequency, the lower the price per view. Remember that YouTube would like users to watch the ads in full or more than 30 seconds because otherwise, it doesn’t earn any money on the ad.

Banner ads on YouTube

TrueView ads discovery is a solution for banner advertising across both YouTube and the Google Display Network.

The advertisement consists of a picture and text in PNG, JPG or HTML5 format. You can target your banner with the same parameters as video ads. You have the opportunity to choose audiences from very broad to very narrow. This way your banner will be shown to your carefully defined customer segment.

The banner will be displayed in the video when it plays.

YouTube searching

With TrueView video ads discovery you also have the opportunity to promote your YouTube videos from their own channel. This way, your video will be displayed at the top of YouTube search page or as a suggested announced video. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine. Many people use it to get the answers to their questions. If we target your ads correctly and help users with their challenge, you will have a high probability for better conversions - and indeed good publicity.

YouTube Homepage

You can buy an advertising space on the YouTube Homepage, both on the desktop version and the mobile app. You will have an option to pay a fixed price for publishing a banner during 24 hours, so your ad will be shown throughout the day, usually from 00:00 to 23:59. You can also add a call-to-action sentence and provide a link to your website.

The advertising campaign on the YouTube homepage demands a lot of time, efforts, and creativity. Contacting a Google representative to make an agreement is required. Since our digital agency is a Google Premium Partner, we can be a business negotiator between you and Google.


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