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"What’s the point of having a user-friendly website with excellent products of the highest quality at low prices, if it’s the world's best-kept secret?"

SEOWith organic search engine optimization, we make sure that your target groups are led straight to your website when searching for the products or services that you offer. The trick is to get ahold of those who have the need. We can help you with that!

Benefits of organic search engine optimization

  • Long-term marketing
  • Unlimited relevant traffic
  • Branding of your business
  • Visitors at a fixed price per month without any extra cost per click
  • Visitors based on keyword searches


In combination with your know-how of the market and our core competencies, we create a solid platform for growth through the search market. In other words: we make sure that customers will find you, you make sure to serve them!

Search engine optimization or SEO is a familiar subject for many business owners. Some know about it because they are trying to get more of the much-coveted top rankings, either on their own or with the help of professional companies. Others are familiar with search engine optimization because they are continuously approached by companies who want to contribute their assistance. 


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Search engine optimization is the most effective marketing activity, despite the technical and it-related complexity. The search engines work as outlets where consumers get their purchasing needs covered; that’s why the value of being well represented is enormous. 

The interesting thing is that search engine optimization outwardly seems to be passive when in fact it is the opposite. SEO doesn’t blink, make noise, manipulate, joke, interrupt or push – yet search engine optimization is one of the most dynamic, efficient and active marketing tools ever invented!

Why should your business invest in search engine optimization?

Because search engine optimization is the bedrock of your online presence. Visibility on the web is crucial for any business, almost regardless of the kind of industry. No matter what business you have, a physical store or a webshop, the most important thing for your company is to be visible. If customers can't find you, how can they buy any of your products? Why bother having a great user-friendly website with absolutely outstanding goods and services at competitive prices, if potential customers never get the chance to know about it?


SEO increases revenue

SEO brings an influx of organic traffic to your page. Though traffic by itself is not necessarily a direct source of higher profit. The most important thing happens in the background: how was the user led to your page and what led them there? Search engine optimization allows you to reach consumers who have taken the initiative to search for the products or services your business offers. They visit your site at precisely the moment that is convenient for them (and thus also for you).

But isn’t SEO something I can do myself?

Of course, you can do SEO yourself! But the question is how well you can do it? Search engine optimization is only an influencing process. If you remove the first part of the term, you are left with the word “optimization,” which is in itself a relative term. Yes, you can optimize yourself, but professionals can do it better and faster than you can. And even among the professionals, there is still a difference in the quality of the optimization. Skill levels undoubtedly vary from provider to provider.

It will always be an advantage to learn as much as you can about the subject. This will help you find out whether this is something you can do on your own, or if you should contact an SEO provider. The more you know about search engine optimization, the better you are equipped to find the right supplier of this service.

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SEO delivers measurable results!

One of the major advantages of search engine optimization and other online marketing is that it is measurable. In fact, you can measure the revenue from Google's organic results, right down to a single penny. Google Analytics is one of the tools you can use to measure these results. We recommend that you try filtering the company name from the report. That way you will get a picture of revenue based on purchases made by consumers regardless of their loyalty to one's business. Keep in mind that not all consumers make the purchase right away. Many of them research first and buy later. You can study the customer’s behavior in Google Analytics under Conversions-> Multi-Channel Funnels-> Top Conversion Paths.

Organic search engine optimization

We work with organic search engine optimization. It may sound a little ecological, but it is, in fact, a concept that has been imported by one of the country's oldest SEO experts. In short, it means that we do not cheat the search engines when we do SEO. We work “naturally” in agreement with all existing guidelines. We make sure that your website has correct information about its content. Search engines (as well as consumers) must have a clear picture of what any of your URLs inform about. The search engines are indexing precisely this kind of information.

Google updates

Google wants the best for the users! The truth is that Google depends on delivering good results to the searchers. The key word is relevance. The consumer is searching based on a need that should be satisfied.

That’s why Google has to continuously modify the algorithm behind the search results to maintain your unique position. If you have been learning about search engine optimization, perhaps you’ve already heard about Google updates developed during the recent years: Google Panda and Google Penguin. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Google Panda:

Google Panda was first launched in February 2011. The update aimed to bring down the rank of “low-quality” or “thin” sites, especially those which didn’t have any particular value for the users. Google Panda affected the rankings of the sites with a lot of advertising, price comparison sites, sites with duplicate content or a large amount of irrelevant information. 

Google Penguin:

Google Penguin is algorithm update that was announced on the April 24th, 2012. Google Penguin is a filter, that affects websites which are using aggressive link building and violating Google's Webmaster Guidelines.  For example, sites with unnatural links, a big amount of links from international sites, too many and similar links with "money words" as anchor text and so on. Google Penguin, like Google Panda, is regularly updated. On September 23rd, 2016, Google released a major update - Penguin 4.0 - and announced that Penguin is now part of their Google Core algorithm. That means that Penguin is now running in real time and not at intervals.

Search engine optimization is Pull Marketing

Pull Marketing is intended for consumers who are interested in a certain product and have well-defined purchase needs and search for information, products or services based on these requirements. In fact, it can be tempting to say that Pull Marketing is not aimed to attract consumers initially but is naturally available to them (as opposed to Push Marketing). Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful and valuable Pull Marketing tools. Search engine optimization exposes your business website to your customer segment.




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