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Facebook advertising

People see Facebook as an important part of their lives and a platform for personal interests. This social network has become a live market space where users’ personal interests meet their purchase needs.


Facebook’s biggest strength - the largest number of users

Businesses and their customers have a relatively new opportunity to create two-way communication about products and services. The individual approach to each consumer will naturally lead you along the path of success.

Facebook’s biggest strength is that it has the largest number of users who go online every day and worldwide. More than 1.7 billion people use it every month. This makes Facebook an excellent marketing channel that allows you to sharply target your ads to people who have an interest in your company or the products you offer.

Whether your audience is gender-, age-, interest-, education-, language-, or location- based, there will be users on Facebook to match your target group.

Another advantage of Facebook as an advertising platform is an easy process of designing and publishing the ads. In recent years, Facebook has developed the advertising tool in such a way that it became possible to target ads down to the tiniest detail. For this reason, Facebook as a marketing channel is unique, useful and efficient. You can choose among banner and video advertising, dynamic remarketing campaigns, and app advertising, creating goals, customizing your target audience and setting your budget as it fits you.

Let us help you with Facebook advertising 

Our professional team is happy to help you regarding:

  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Exposure of corporate spreads
  • Showcasing products in rotating format (carousel solution)
  • Exposure of videos
  • Getting more attention to your Facebook page
  • Increasing the number of app installations
  • Exposure to current customers with retargeting campaigns
  • Promoting products through dynamic ads

Banner / Video advertising

When advertising on Facebook, you pay only when your particular consumer segment sees the ad. After accurately defining your target audience you will only pay for the relevant traffic and views.

If you need to increase awareness of your brand and attract more customers for your business, we are ready to develop your advertising policy up to the next level. We offer among other things creation of banner and video advertising. With banner and video advertising you receive:

  • Increased local sales
  • More online sales
  • Promotion of your app
  • Measurement tools that give you insight into how people react to your site
  • Improved conversion rate


Dynamic remarketing

Facebook dynamic ads campaign is a solution that helps you to promote your products by displaying personalized ads. Dynamic advertising works best in e-commerce, for dealers with high web traffic and a large range of goods. The same applies to retailers who want to catch buyers' interest again and create conversions online.

See our testimonials 

Each ad is precisely targeted to your consumers according to the products they are browsing. Keywords, photos and other items are uploaded directly from your product catalog so that dynamic ads keep up with your company information and only show products that are in stock with updated prices.

  • Scale: You can promote your products with unique advertising content without having to configure each one
  • Always On: Once you have set your ads up, you can continually reach out to consumers with the right product at the right time
  • Across Devices: Use ads to reach users on any device they use, regardless of the initial point of touch with your business
  • Highly relevant: Show consumers ads for products they are interested in, and turn the likelihood into a purchase

App advertising on FB

If you want more people to install your mobile apps, we can help you to generate downloads by the professional setup of targeted Facebook advertising. The ads are designed to get the best response. Find new customers today and hold people's interest!



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