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As the owner of klodskassen.dk which I started in March 2010, I have, like other new webshops’ owners, considered how I could become more visible online. I've done some of the work myself, in both AdWords and SEO, but I have had to admit that when starting a new business, there is not always time to manage everything alone!

In my first two years in business, I worked with both an AdWords and a SEO agency, ending in both cases in disappointment at how little they accomplished relative to both the price and to what I could have accomplished myself.However, I chose after a little searching to talk to KompetenceKanalen A/S; I was

However, I chose after a little searching to talk to KompetenceKanalen A/S; I was sceptical of course since I felt that I had wasted money on the first SEO-vendors, both of which had required notice periods and promised more than they could do. But Thomas who became my contact person at KompetenceKanalen demonstrated understanding of my doubts and offered flexible terms of cooperation with reasonable prices and the possibility to terminate the contract at any time if I wanted.

In addition, they listened to my wishes to focus on optimising my online store in a way that I could also do what I can, and personally be involved in SEO development as much as possible. At the same time, I wanted to ensure that I would pay the SEO agency only for those technical tasks which I could not do myself due to lack of knowledge in this area.

Another positive thing in our cooperation was the direct connection between money spent and results achieved: within a short time, I noticed that my positions in the search engines had improved.
So I can only recommend KompetenceKanalen to other online stores who need search engine optimisation. They actually match their company name in terms of high competences in the field of SEO. They had detailed knowledge of the structure of my online store provider and knew exactly what I needed to do to improve my shop.

By phone calls and e-mails we have been in constant dialogue; they informed me about what they did and advised what I myself could do to speed up my promotion in the search engines.
KompetenceKanalen A/S is clearly worth the investment in both time and money.


Morten Sørensen



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