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Google AdWords

Google AdWords

We deliver customer flow to you in just a few days!

Google AdWords is a very flexible tool which we use to generate immediate exposure for your business online and create growth within just a few days. Advertising is easy to budget since you adjust the payment as you go. We carefully measure the results of our combined efforts, so you know exactly what you get for every single penny you invest. We find your company's strengths and show them to your potential clients with the help of AdWords advertising. For this reason, the traffic is running on the searches made by a potential customer with an interest in or a concrete purchase need for your exact products.


KompetenceKanalen A/S is Google Partner Premier.


We offer several services of AdWords Advertising in near-real time:

  • Launching new Google AdWords campaigns
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Analyzing and differentiating competitors
  • Optimizing your existing account
  • The performance of running campaigns
  • Budget optimization of AdWords accounts
  • Preparing multi campaigns
  • Reporting achieved success


Launching new Google AdWords campaigns

We build new AdWords campaigns based on thoroughness and professional experience. We always follow the best practice and ensure that campaigns, ads, and keywords are well segmented. For this reason, our management of Google AdWords campaigns is very efficient and transparent.

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Setting up conversion tracking

It is important to set the right goals from the beginning to run a successful campaign. For a webshop, the goal typically would be to create more sales. In this case, conversion tracking is of great importance, since it allows you to evaluate whether a campaign has achieved your desired goals and whether it is profitable.

Analyzing and differentiating competitors

Competitor analysis helps us to measure the effectiveness of your existing ads, and compare your positions with the competitors. We articulate your business strengths and define what kind of information should be included in your ads. Our continuous support and working relationship ensure that you always match the right ad to the right moment, especially during high seasons and sales days such as Black Friday. 

Optimizing your existing account

If you already have a Google AdWords account, we can help you develop it to get even better results. We start with campaigns that are already running, build them up and continuously optimize, so you always get the full benefits of your efforts.

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The performance of running campaigns

By choosing one of our AdWords Solutions, you ensure constant professional monitoring of your campaigns. We keep your ads thoroughly under control, make them work efficiently and bring customer flow while focusing on calculating your budget aimed to increase your earnings per click. In everyday collaboration with Google, we effectively optimize your AdWords advertisement, where your contributions will provide a high ROI.

Budget optimization of AdWords accounts

Do you get full efficient use of your advertising budget? We can help you to allocate resources correctly across your campaigns, so branding, sales and research campaigns each get an appropriate share of the budget.

Preparation of multi campaigns

We have a great deal of experience with all types of campaigns which the Google AdWords universe offers. Therefore, we can give you instructions on what types of promotions will be most effective for your business.

Reporting on the achieved success

With us you get full peace of mind receiving continuous reporting. You always have access to all your data. In this way, you are assured of complete transparency in our working processes and their results.




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