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Conversion Rate Optimization


We are actively working to improve conversion on websites and webshops. We use only the advanced tracking and split testing tools.

We are regularly testing changes and getting exact answers about what needs to be done to increase customer flow and turnover.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) enhances the effect of all marketing channels and significantly improves your ROI.

Case - Playmobilbutikken

In the following test, we’ve examined how much better-defined USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) help to get more visitors to complete purchases, and thereby increase sales at Playmobilbutikken.dk.

The idea behind the test was that by creating more focus on Playmobil shop's excellent unique selling points, more visitors would notice them and make final buying decisions faster.

Let us help with increasing your conversion rate 

Below you can see an original control page and a variant page: 




As you can see above, there is not much difference, but if you look at the test results, you will notice a visible change: 24.5% increase in turnover.

If you look at the Analytics for the period compared with the year before, you can clearly see how the conversion rate improved by 59.24% and the turnover - by 69.59%.



Therefore after a month, we could advise Playmobilebutikken.dk with over 99% statistical significance to implement the change.  

What is a conversion?

Conversion is "the magic stick," which turns a visitor into a paying customer. Typically you have between two and six seconds to inspire a user to stay on your website and later perform the desired action.

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It doesn’t make sense to get your potential customers to your website if these visitors leave your site after a couple of clicks. The ultimate goal of conversion optimization is to maximize profit. To achieve this, you should treat user experience as a mindset, in other words, to take a walk in your customers’ shoes to understand their behavior.


How can we optimize your conversion rate?

The professional conversion optimization lies in the intersection of three areas:

  • Persuasion marketing
  • Experience design
  • The scientific method


Conversion optimization is a unique tool with a wide range of options. A professional conversion strategist knows how to develop and communicate a strong value proposition and create motivation for completing the desired call-to-action.

There are many different ways to increase conversion on a website. Our highly skilled digital marketing team uses among other things the following methods:

  • We use Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) principles to design the user experience.
  • We improve website navigation structure to help users browse and shop with minimal effort.
  • We aim attention toward the site content (primarily text, pictures, and video) to achieve the targeted conversion goals.
  • We inspect and correct or delete old or distracting data.
  • We provide users with real-time online help (live chat, co-browsing, etc.)
  • We develop the user's credibility and build trust on the site by displaying third-party trust logos (for example Visa or Mastercard security symbols).
  • We encourage users to leave feedback on the product or service.
  • We assemble a baseline user experience by recording user actions.
  • We enable tracing of standardized measurements using website analytics software for a predefined conversion goal.


How to measure the conversion effectiveness?

A successful measurement of the conversion optimization includes identifying micro- and macro website conversion.

Micro conversion is a process in which the user clearly shows an active interest in the company or its products.

Macro conversion is a process in which the user purchases a product.

Effects of conversion might be:

  • Direct purchase online
  • Phone call
  • Start of trial version
  • Download of a product catalog
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Booking a sales meeting
  • Ordering a product presentation


What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is the percentage of your website visitors who take action and convert from users to consumers. You can calculate the conversion rate from the number of visitors and actual sales:

Conversion rate = total number of sales/number of visitors * 100

If three out of 100 visitors decide to purchase one of your products, then your conversion rate will be 3%.

Conversion rate depends on your product and service level, your competitors, design of your website, your marketing skills as well as your brand’s reputation in general.


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