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ASO - App Store Optimization

App Store OptimizationUsing ASO, we make sure that your mobile app achieves good rankings in the Google Play store and Apple's App Store. We help you promote your app to find more of the users you want and achieve your desired goals.

ASO is search engine optimization for apps. Google Play Store and App Store work as search engines, and therefore it is equally important to optimize your app as a web shop. Our team offers competent consultations about how to promote a mobile app in the most efficient way, become visible and reach your potential consumers in the moments that matter.

Google Play and App Store

Users with a smartphone have Google and Apple app stores at their fingertips. Here your potential clients can read reviews and recommendations about your mobile app and consider whether they want to download it. Since the stores work as search engines for apps, it is important that your app page fulfills their demands and requirements. KompetenceKanalen A/S is a good solution for efficient ASO on both platforms.

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We are always ready to advise you on the latest trends and requirements and help your app get the most relevant traffic.

Choose the right App name and tagline

Google Play and App Store have special requirements for the quality of information you provide about your app since they focus on the best user experience possible. It is important to choose the right name for your app, one that appropriately reflects what the app can do. It is of particular importance to write a good tagline to describe your app and its functionality succinctly. In both stores, the tagline is the first thing a user sees when visiting an app page. The length should be between 90 and 100 characters. We can help you to optimize your app’s name and tagline.

Use the summary field

Your app has a kind of a mini website in both stores. If you scroll down the page (or press Learn more), you will find a detailed description of the app. It’s important to highlight your app with information about its features, what it can do (and what it can’t). For both stores, we can help you create an excellent app presentation focused on your unique selling point.

Unique icon

Your application's icon is important for several aspects of the optimization. The icon must both act as a persuading selling point in the stores and be easily recognizable on the user's phone. The image should be consistent with what the app offers. It should at the same time be easily identifiable, unique and symbolize the app's functionality. We advise you on how to create a sweet design for your smart app.

Show good screenshots

An excellent app’s screenshot shown to a potential user is a key element in Google Play and App Store. The screenshots should clearly communicate the app's functionality and key features that users expect. The graphic elements have a significant influence on a user's choice to download your app or not. Good pictures of some of the app’s properties are of great importance not only for a friendly user experience, but also for the stores’ assessment of your app, and thus the placement in the store.

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Update your app

You should update your app frequently. Google Play and App Store prioritize apps which are often updated. In this manner, your app site may be compared to a website or webshop. We can help you estimate how often it is appropriate for you to update your app.

Get more traffic to the app with SEO and PPC

Consumers are always looking for an app at the moment they need it. For this reason, it is important that your exact app is easy to find in the top positions when the user is searching for it. As in Google search results you should, therefore, be on top in both the organic and paid traffic. We can help you to reach better rankings in both places.   

Become rated and get feedback

Your users' reviews in the stores also affect your rankings. The more stars, comments and new feedback you can show, the better your rankings will be.



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