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User experience

There is an innumerable amount of definitions regarding what user experience is. It is a huge set of disciplines, including economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, business philosophy and even the science of happiness. We define user experience in a way of how we understand it in the general marketing processes.

User Experience (UX) is what distinguishes your brand from a commodity.

It is an ultimate quality of lifestyle associated with your products and services in the consumer's mind. The quality standards of user experience originate from your brand values. The goal of UX is your customer's emotional satisfaction when people buy your product, use your service, or just talk to your support staff.

In other words, it is not enough to produce high-quality goods and sell them at a reasonable price while being a smart marketing shark. To win over the competition, you should make people happy about your brand. That means to predict and grant consumer wishes, then to surprisingly give them more than they expected, making people remember your company and even become your dedicated ambassador.

In our professional field, we would interpret user experience as user happiness. We would identify this kind of "happiness" with a pleasant user experience. This definition includes several aspects of moods, emotions, personal desires, interests and, finally, actions online. In this sense, the user experience is tightly connected with branding as the primary marketing activity built upon creating an emotional bridge between a company and its consumers.

Good user experience is not an easy thing to achieve, and it has an impact on long-term business success.

How do you create a good user experience on a website? There are several basics:

  • User-centered design and navigation
  • Empathy-based quality content
  • Customer relations management (to be loyal and trustworthy)
  • High level of comfort (usability — as few clicks as possible)
  • Communication strategy (less disturbance, more surprises).
  • Analysis of user behavior data


Measurement of customer behavior and careful analysis are required to get an accurate and useful insight into the user experience. It's about getting factual knowledge about your consumers. It is much easier to get better conversion on your online store by having in-depth knowledge of user behavior.

Imagine being able to observe user behavior as if you could sit next to each of the many potential customers who visit and click around in your online store every day. Imagine if you could see their vigorous attempts to find exactly what they initially searched for. What at your shop would satisfy their purchasing needs? The insight is invaluable to maintain a favorable strategy and an online sales turnover. With this knowledge about potential customer behavior, you have the tools to reroute the potential customer from the first click to the shopping basket and directly to the final purchase.

Studying your user behavior is all about making the path from the customer's need to the final sale as short and simple as possible.

Digital agency KompetenceKanalen A/S is a team of experts in online user behavior, who can assist you in building the credibility and convenience of your website, which will later become your currency.

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