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The culture of search

When a user is searching on Google, the average number of mouse clicks is very few. Not due to the natural human laziness, but to the virtue of the high-quality results delivered by Google. As the value of time is obvious to any successful business, so the value of being found on the first page is enormous. 

For nearly two decades, Google has been uncluttering the internet space, turning it from the info chaos into the organized intelligent universe. Google keeps doing it with great success, opening up new opportunities for people and evolving a new behavioral culture. This new culture is known as the Culture of Search. Let’s take a short journey to discover some specifics of the new human reality.

What is the Culture of Search?

In a general sense, the Culture of Search is a global social phenomenon of information retrieval closely interacting with a whole range of human intellectual and creative activities, such as business and marketing, social and natural sciences, history, law, philosophy, art, and religions.

In a stricter sense, the Culture of Search is a way of searching the information using evaluation techniques for quality selection, and efficient use of this information in line with legal norms and standards of social behavior.

The Culture of Search reflects two basic types of individual information need:

  • Social information need, caused by the inherent human curiosity and desire to follow what happens in the world and to be an active member of the society.
  • Special information need, caused by the necessity to find the information which would help to solve an individual problem: research, a professional task, a private matter, etc.


A primary role in the Culture of Search belongs to a correctly formulated search query. A search query is a text that a user enters into a search box to find the desired information. Each search query is based on an individual information need and depends on:

  • Task complexity (a scientific report, a consultation, a product purchase, etc.)
  • Personality traits (attention & concentration abilities, way of thinking, state of mind, etc.)
  • Education degree (literacy level, misspelling the words, etc.)


The correctly articulated search query is important for users, while the appropriately chosen keywords are crucial for website owners. The quality and usefulness of the information which users receive are the bedrock of the Culture of Search.

The quality of information

What do users expect to see on Google search results page when typing their search query? They would like to find the information that would answer their question or help to solve a problem. Google focuses on delivering the best results to the users. The overall definition of “the best results” is a complicated matter. Google’s business philosophy clearly says: “Great just isn't good enough,” explaining their mission of providing the best possible user experience. Google’s success has been initially built on this concept. For this reason, companies and brands, aspiring to be at the top positions in Google, should deeply understand what is high-quality information. Let’s take a quick look at this.

High-quality information has several features:

  • Reliability (credibility of the source of information);
  • Objectivity (free of biased interpretation)
  • Timeliness (up-to-date and suitable for use; may be real-time information)
  • Relevance (the importance and value “here and now”);
  • Completeness (no distracting data, no partial information);
  • Sufficiency (the amount of information is sufficient for leading during a decision process).
  • Uniqueness (new ideas, knowledge, experience, facts, events, etc.)


High-quality information is the key to success in online marketing. In other words, quality content adds significant value to any website and helps to survive in a competitive arena. Digital content management is an essential part of online tactics aimed to make a difference for the audience. Our digital agency is proud to offer our clients professional help in creating the original content, which will improve the SEO results and online performance, boost your customer flow and sales.

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