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Push marketing vs. Pull marketing

In this article, we will highlight Push marketing vs. Pull marketing and hopefully create an understanding of these two concepts. The real significance of Pull Marketing and Push Marketing is debated a fair amount because people often have different perceptions of the two strategies.

Push marketing (also called Interruption Marketing) is a matter of delivering the goods to the customer.

It is all the advertising we get thrown at us in our daily lives. It may be TV commercials, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, or banners on the sides of buses, on the web or flapping behind an airplane.

Push marketing is about creating or modifying a purchase needs, typically by distracting the consumers from what they are doing. And it can be done with great success! Push marketing is useful for targeted branding campaigns meant to increase brand awareness for a company, product, a service, or perhaps a person, as we often see during elections. Push marketing is, of course, necessary for launching a new product that people do not yet know.

Pull marketing (also called Permission Marketing) is a matter of getting the customer to the product.

Pull marketing means that a company is available to the potential customers at the time they need it. Marketers make the company, the product, the service, the person or the message attractive to the consumer. In Pull Marketing the users decide what they want, when, under what circumstances and so on. The customers come to you not because you have been shouting your name out loud, but because they have sought what you offer.

If we look at online marketing, there are several media which can be considered Pull Marketing. A classic example is the Yellow Pages, where consumers for many years have been able to find companies in many different industries.

Today, however, search engines and related databases or portals are used to a much higher degree. KompetenceKanalen A/S is working with search engine optimization. Search engine marketing on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Search engine optimization is all about being available for those consumers who have an interest in or a purchase need for the products or services that your company offers. In other words, search engine optimization is one of the tools of Pull Marketing.

With organic search engine optimization, we ensure that your potential customers find your website at the exact time they have a clear need and search on their own to satisfy that need.

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