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Our story

How would you start telling a business story? "Once upon a time, there was a company..."
No, let’s try a timeline instead.

Behind the window with an arrow above, there was a bedroom. In the room, there was a desk. At that desk, KompetenceKanalen was founded on a sunny day in the spring of 2008. It was a lovely day, where the sky was just as high as the ambitions for the fledgling company.

The strategy from the start was to build a business which is significantly more present concerning our clients and their needs than the online market practiced and dictated. We wanted to build our company upon a personal profile, which would create for our employees a passion for their work and help to develop their talents. We dreamed of a strong team of professionals who would look forward to coming to work every single day.

Back then we were three employees sharing two desks and clearly in need of more space. It was time to move into a new office.

We chose a central pedestrian street in downtown Aarhus, Strøget/Søndergade 8. The pulse of the city was fantastic, and the 55 m2 office was crying out for us! So, we moved in! After nine busy months, experiencing 10,000 exciting learning processes, we were 11 happy employees who knew it was time to move into something bigger.

Up along the street (Ryesgade 8), we found what we were looking for. Lovely inviting 173 square meters! It was great to be able to move around freely and have enough space for wide gestures.

It was during this time that we got our large customers. We became so busy that we had to hire more talented colleagues to ensure our initial business concept: to be significantly more present in relation to our clients and their needs than the online market practiced and dictated.

Soon the premises in Ryesgade also became cramped for our growing team. We were lucky to find an incredible 510 square meters at Store Torv 5, where we are located today.

The building is 400 years old and with its marvelous entrance and stunning staircase dazzles our eyes every morning when we come to work.

We hope one day you will come by to say hello! You are certainly more than welcome!



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